Most of our life is connected with staying in closed rooms: house, working place, school, university or shopping centers.

Sense of comfort in all these places even in most unfavorable outside conditions is provided by air conditioning.

Air conditioning should be perceived not only as cooling but mostly as maintaining the best favorable air parameters such us:

- temperature: air conditioners enable maintaining appropriate temperature over the whole year. When it is too hot outside cooling option can be used and when outside temperature unpleasantly falls down heating option can be used.
- cleanliness: air conditioners produce clean and healthy air. All interior units are equipped with filters cleaning the air from dust, pollens, animal hair, smoke etc. High level of filtration restrains bacteria and viruses growth.
- humidity: a sense of comfort is given by humidity of 40-60%. The appropriate level of humidity restrains or stops growth of moulds and provides longer life of buildings and devices. Air conditioners control amount of steam in the air through humidifying or drying.

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